WhisperPhone SeniorOur WhisperPhone is an acoustic voice feedback headset that enables learners of all ages. It helps to focus and hear the sounds that make up words (phonemes) more clearly as they learn to read, spell or process language aloud. WhisperPhone is fun and easy to use. Research has proven that users can hear phonemes ten times more clearly when they are wearing the WhisperPhone! That means that they can hear themselves better over background noise, and they can focus better on what they’re learning.

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WhisperPhoneOur WhisperPhone works simply and effectively. When they speak, their voice is conveyed directly into their ear. They can hear their voice more clearly. This creates an improved signal-to-noise ratio. This means the user can hear their voice better over all background noise. This improved signal-to-noise ratio provides a clarified signal of intelligible speech thereby raising phonemic awareness. It optimizes the process of learning to read or process language. Hearing their own voice also encourages them to speak more quietly which equals a more quiet and conducive learning environment for others.


Tips for Teachers

WhisperPhone junior

Strengthen learning with WhisperPhone. WhisperPhone helps students to read, write spell, learn a new language, memorize and focus.

Reading and spelling, when students are learning to read, they must read aloud. One of the reasons this is true is because children must first be made aware of the individual sounds, or phonemess, in a word. Once they are aware of these phonemes, they begin to recognize that when these sounds are put together, they equal a word.

Editing and writing, when children are learning to write, it is common for them to misspell words or even omit words. When wearing the WhisperPhone during a writing or editing activity, learners can, without disturbing others, say every word aloud to hear each sound in the word very clearly. Speaking each word aloud tends to have a positive effect in three areas. First, it slows the pace at which learners write, so they take the time to focus on their work. Second, learners tend to omit fewer words in their initial copy writing. Third, because they sound out each word as they write it, learners’spelling results tend to improve. These same benefits will likely be seen in editing phase of writing, as well.

WhisperPhone tips for Parents

Learning has a strong auditory foundation. That is why students learning to read ‘sound-it-out”and read aloud. Improving reading results, reading fluency, reading comprehension and taking vocabulary tests. Wear WhisperPhone while reading, the expected outcome will be improved reading skills, improved spelling skils. WhisperPhone raises phonemic awareness.

Tips for Special Needs

By using WhisperPhone, you help your clients improve articulation and sensory development without invasive changes to your therapy process. It can help with ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia.

  1. Activity : practice reading aloud.
  2. Expected outcomes: stronger retention of and familiarity with sight words; improved reading comprehension.
  3. Why WhisperPhone helps: WhisperPhone provides multiple visual, auditory, motor inputs and blocks distractions by improving signal-to-noise ratio.

Tips for Adults

Adults who need to memorize, give speeches or study use WhisperPhone. They find it allows them to focus at a higher level.

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