WhisperPhone Select

Up to 6 students can be guided at the same time while reading or pronunciation exercises. The WhisperPhone Select set contains a center dial and 6 flexible tubes with each a WhisperPhone.

This WhisperPhone center dial Unique is the central dial, which allows you to monitor and assist one student at the time.

The central dial of the WhisperPhone offers also the possibility to create 3 teams of 2 students for paired reading and teamwork exercises.

The WhisperPhone Select is made of high quality material and, like all other WhisperPhone products, very easy to clean.

Our WhisperPhone is an acoustic voice feedback headset that enables learners of all ages. It helps to focus and hear the sounds that make up words (phonemes) more clearly as they learn to read, spell or process language aloud. WhisperPhone is fun and easy to use. Research has proven that users can hear phonemes ten times more clearly when they are wearing the WhisperPhone! That means that they can hear themselves better over background noise, and they can focus better on what they’re learning.

Ref.nr. 90013 – WhisperPhone Select

New! Biofilter for WhisperPhone® duet and select

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