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For more than 20 years Robo Educational Toys B.V. has been your enthusiastic partner in educational, didactic games & toys and learning aids. Our products are suitable for children from 3 to 12 years of age and for everyone with a (learning) disability. All our products are made of high quality materials, CE regulation tested. We supply (locally and abroad) a.o. to schoolsuppliers, wholesale and branche specialists.


Hand puppets

Hand puppets are very suitable for use in playgroups, nurseries, schools and special needs. He/she can help to encourage conversational and language skills. A Hand puppet is a real helping aid. Using your own hands to move the mouth, tongue



Our WhisperPhone is an acoustic voice feedback headset that enables learners of all ages. It helps to focus and hear the sounds that make up words (phonemes) more clearly as they learn to read, spell or process language aloud. WhisperPhone

Time Timer

Time Timer®

Choose one of our Time Timer® products on the right to get more information. For anyone who wants to measure and manage time more effectively: Time Timer is an innovative visual timer designed to “show” the passage of time through

Wall bookrack

Book racks

Our book racks are made of high quality material. Plastic coated for easy cleaning. Available in different types and sizes. There is a suitable model available for every space! double sided mobile book rack horizontal wall mounted book rack table

Drying Rack

Drying Racks

The use of drying racks guarantees a flatter drip-free dry of each painting. All our drying racks are made of top quality steel. Easy to use and easy to clean. Available in different models and sizes. wall mounted drying racks


Glove Puppets

Glove Puppets A lovely set of glove puppets, hare, duck, cow and pig. These puppets will bring stories alive. Suitable for class activity and individual use. Stimulates children’s imagination. Packed per set (4 puppets) in a sturdy bag. Size approx.