WhisperPhone® Duet is an acoustical telephone that enhances student-to-student and teacher-to-student reading activities.

Duet keeps classrooms quieter by creating and acoustically-clear connection between two readers. Duet also helps develop reading skills and encourages expressive reading.

Kids will love Duet for the fun and adventure!

Duet is a perfect tool for paired reading exercises by encouraging students to work together and help each other learn.

Length up to 91 cm.

Ref.nr. 90007 – WhisperPhone Duet

New! Biofilter for WhisperPhone Duet and Select
Video WhisperPhone Duet

Expansion Pack for Whisperphone® Duet

Add more fun to your WhisperPhone Duet! This kit when used with your Duet will increase its length up to almost 6 meter. Just think of the possibilities!

Expansion Pack kit includes:
2 x Expansion voice tubes
2 x Tube Connectors
1 x Bio filter to minimize the spread of germs

Kit does not include Duet endpoints.

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Ref.nr. 90012 – WhisperPhone Expansion Pack Duet