Wibo the Wordmonster Storytelling cards + CD-Rom in suitcase.

This package consists of a suitcase containing:
  • 24 laminated Storytelling cards
  • 1 Manual
  • 1 CD-rom

The main character in the Storytelling Cards is Wibo the Wordmonster. Wibo loves words and without words he will be very sad, with words you can speak, read and write.

The manual describes how the Storytelling Cards can be used. Each card comes with a short instruction for the teacher and the words which are represented on the cards and about which van be discussed in connection with the card.

The CD ROM contains all Storytelling Cards, so they can be displayed on a computer or digital board. Also a list of words for each theme with which various activities in the group can be done, plus colouring sheets for each Storytelling Card.

To handpuppet Wibo the Wordmonster.

Wibo the Wordmonster Storytelling cards

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