We received below review from a reading assistent who helps at school with reading excersises. She uses the WhisperPhone Duet with her students.

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As reading assistent at a primary school I help children who like to read but need a little extra help and also the children that do not like to read at all because they find it very difficult and need a lot more guidance.

The WhisperPhone Duet is a more creative, challenging and fun way to learn to read. It also improves working together and it is very effective.

The children enjoy working with the WhisperPhone and are looking forward to start their lesson.

It is a playful way to learn how to read and do excerises. They have a lot of fun learning to read like this, which in the end leads to a good result.


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Learning to read with the WhisperPhone Duet
Review on the WhisperPhone Duet

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