JAC5052 – Time Timer® Dry Erase Cards set of 5

Putting a New Twist on an Iconic Product 

Our Time Timer® visual timers have been a staple in many classrooms, offices, and homes ever since we released the Time Timer Original.  

Since then, we have released a wide variety of Time Timer visual timers, each one fit for different needs and contexts. This includes our Time Timer® WASH, which has helped children everywhere learn how to correctly and effectively wash their hands, which was not only helpful through the COVID-19 pandemic, but continues to be a great tool for parents and educators looking to decrease the spread of germs among children. 

As you may be able to tell by now, we are committed to finding the most innovative and helpful ways to make time management easier for our customers, which is why we are excited to highlight the Time Timer® TWIST, which puts a digital “twist” on the Time Timer!  

The Time Timer® TWIST: Fun, Functional, and Useful In Any Setting 

In addition to a time range from 1 minute to 90 minutes, this particular visual timer has a host of features that makes it an outstanding time management tool.  

A magnetic back makes the Time Timer® TWIST attachable to all sorts of metallic surfaces, from the refrigerator at home to the whiteboard in the classroom.  

The Time Timer® TWIST offers a no-noise countdown (meaning, you will not hear any distracting “ticking”) that ends with a continuous alert.  

This continuous alert will go on for 1 minute, unless you stop it with the Play/Pause button.  

How to Use the Time Timer® TWIST 

Though the Time Timer® TWIST is high-tech, it is easy to use for all ages.  

An outer ring around this circular timer allows you to easily set the timer by twisting the ring.  

Simply twist to the desired time, press play, and watch the digital tick marks run down. The time itself is shown numerically in the center of the timer.  

If you need to pause the timer, you can press the Play/Pause button and take a break as needed.  

Time Timer® TWIST, Now in New Colours!  

If you are interested in buying the Time Timer® TWIST, we are happy to announce that we have a great selection of colours that you can choose from, ranging from Original Red, Pale Shale Gray, Dreamsicle Orange, and Lake Day Blue.  

No matter your style, we are sure you will find a Time Timer® TWIST that works for you!  

The Time Timer® TWIST is Portable, Digital and Fun to Use

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