ipad-ios-simulator-screen-shot-list-view-start-300x225Time Timer® App for:
iPhone,  iPod Touch & iPad, Android

Take advantage of the ability to customize, save and reuse timers (with names, color, alert options, timer scale, etc.). The Time Timer app for iPhone & iPad app is designed to keep activities stress-free and easy. It has a refreshed look, new functionality and improved performance features. The app. is user designed, tested and approved.

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Time Timer app screenshot Androidiphone-ios-simulator-screen-shot-list-view-169x300Some specifics of the improved APP:
(check out all specifics in your App-Store)
• Set-by-Touch, touch to set a quick-start timer
• Set-with-options, customize and save upto 99 timers
• Choose alarm or vibrate when time is up.
• List view, see all saved timers active and inactive
• Run several Timers at once.
• View each Timer full-screen – or see up to four together on a single screen.
• Awake Mode: make sure your iPhone doesn’t fall asleep while Timers are running! (optional)

Please visit the respective store to download your Time Timer App:

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