Drying racks in different models and sizes!

The use of drying racks guarantees a flatter drip-free dry of each painting.
All our drying racks are made of top quality steel.

Easy to use and easy to clean.

Available in different models and sizes:

  • wall mounted drying racks
  • table top drying rack
  • spring loaded drying racks
  • mobile drying racks

Spring Loaded Drying Racks

These drip free paint dryers are made from top quality steel and feature spring loaded racks and separator bars. The individual racks are manufactured from a fine wire to provide a flatter drip-free dry. The shelves remain upright until lowered and can take up to
A2 size paper. Dimensions single rack:  61 x 39 cm.

Available in 3 different models.

C1166 – 10 Shelf Spring Loaded Floor Dryer
Dimensions: L61xH57xD54 cm
C1171 – 30 Shelf Spring Loaded Floor Dryer
Dimensions: L100xH56xD61 cm

Mobile Drying Racks

These mobile drying racks are available in two sizes and are ideal for moving between classrooms. Complete with lockable castors and a plastic coated finish for easy cleaning. Both racks have 20 shelves on both sizes.

C1168 – 40 Small Shelf Mobile Drying Rack
Dimensions: L67xH107xD40 cm
Dimensions rack: 30×40 cm

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